The Easiest Way To Share And Understand The Progression Of Your Construction Project.

If You’re Looking To Rent A Professional Cloud Based Long-Term Construction Timelapse Camera In Saskatchewan And Neighboring Provinces, You’re In The Right Place.

Why You Need A Long Term Timelapse Camera In Your Construction Site?

Project Management and Jobsite Efficiency

Elaborate performance reports including accurate and updated still images and videos.

Security and Safety

Monitor the motion of your project as it progresses and detect any abnormalities or potential risks.

Project Transparency

Easy on-demand sharing tools for everyone’s access.

Promote Your Business

Show your future investors and clients what you’re capable of with Hi Quality videos of your previous success.

Improve Your Future Planning

Visually documenting the progression of your project will allow you to take accurate decisions in future planning.

Project efficiency

Human and material resources can be greatly improved when live monitoring your project.

We Deliver High Quality 4k And 6k Time Lapses For All Types Of Projects With Our Professional Industrial Grade Rental Camera Systems.

Cloud Based Autonomous Timelapse Camera System

Our autonomous solar powered camera systems can monitor your construction site for days, weeks, months or years while allowing you to remotely manage, download photos and/or time lapses custom generated to your specific needs. We can schedule our camera systems according to your type of project and specs.